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What do land owners gain from The Lunch Box?

  • An annual income between £10000 and £30,000 the exact amount depends on the size of the centre, the local industry and foot falls
  • A clean and neat on site catering facility for staff and customers to utilize at their convenience seven days a week.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a fully insured reputable national company with years of experience in catering.
  • A reduced likelihood of experiencing illegal fly pitching by unaccountable mobile trailer operators, selling cheap food from untidy units (which cost a lot of money to remove).
  • A popular facility to maximise patronage.
  • Reduce opportunist crime to vehicles and property in car parks and walk ways.
  • Your only cost is UP TO THREE CAR PARKING SPACES
  • We require no provision of services other than three car parking spaces.
  • Bottled gas provides us with a 24hr uninterrupted source of power. Some of the many benefits are:- No requirement for a permanent supply of electricity or mains gas
  • No mains drainage required :- Incorporated within the kiosk is a waste water collection tank which holds all of our waste water. Our specifically designed service vehicles pump the tank out periodically.
  • Fresh water is delivered daily.
  • Fresh supplies are delivered directly to the kiosk via refrigerated vehicles.
  • Rubbish is collected from site by licenced contractor